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About Japan Secret Service

01Company Message

Japan Secret Service, founded in 1988, was the first company in Japan to specialize in personal protective services.
In addition to these personal protective services, the company concurrently undertakes information gathering and investigative activities and also conducts crisis management and facilities security operations. We provide you with security and promise you peace of mind.

Masatoshi Yamazaki

02Company Overview

Name Japan Secret Service Co., Ltd.
Founded November 10, 1988
Accredited No. 1213, Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission,
November 29, 1988
Capital \50 million
- Head Office

- Kansai Branch

2-3-9 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074, Japan
Tel. +81-3-6272-6622 Fax +81-3-6272-6623

1-3-5 Aduchimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0052, Japan
Tel. +81-6-6210-2878 Fax +81-6-6210-2879
Chairman Nobuhiko Sasaki
President Masatoshi Yamazaki
(Formerly The Chief of Tottori Prefectural Police Headquarters)
Executive Vice President Kazuhisa Takeshima
Managing Director Shingo Koshida
Director Yoshio Abe
Director Masami Kusumoto
Director Akira Sekioka
Corporate Auditor Kazuyuki Kanamaru
Honorary Adviser Hideo Yamada
(formerly Director-General, National Police Agency)
Adviser Yukihiko Inoue
(formerly Superintendent-General,  Metropolitan Police Department)
Adviser Setsuo Tanaka
(formerly Director-General, National Police Agency)
Adviser Masahito Kanetaka
(formerly Director-General, National Police Agency)
Adviser Kiyotaka Takahashi
(formerly Superintendent-General,  Metropolitan Police Department)

03Overview of Operations

1. Personal Protection

-Aimed at Assuring Absolute Personal Security-
Japan Secret Service's protective specialists, mainly comprising former police officers, bring to bear their outstanding record of accomplishments and know-how that is second to none in the world's developed countries to provide totally reliable security with thoughtfulness that is distinctively Japanese.

2. Facilities Security

-A Wide Range of Security Services Tailored to the Client's Purposes-
Japan Secret Service takes full advantage of its extensive experience in facilities security and its fully trained security personnel to provide the highest-quality security services in a form that is tailored to your specific purposes and requirements.

3. Crisis Management

-Contributing to Corporate Development and Prosperity-
We formulate the concrete measures required to handle corporate crises in order to work proactively against their occurrence and to plan against their recurrence.

4. Intelligence and Investigation

-Services that Enhance Corporate and Personal Security-
We provide accurate intelligence for corporate protection and individual security.


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