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Japan Secreat Service Co.,Ltd. provides security and promiss peace of mind

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Japan Secret Service, founded in 1988, was the first company in Japan to specialize in personal protective services.
In addition to these personal protective services, the company concurrently undertakes information gathering and investigative activities and also conducts crisis management and facilities security operations.
We provide you with security and promise you peace of mind.

Nobuhiko Sasaki


  Company Overview


Name       : Japan Secret Service Co., Ltd.
Founded   : November 10, 1988
Accredited: No. 1213, Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission,November 29, 1988
Capital     : \50 million
Location  Head Office
             :  2-3-9 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo  102-0074, Japan 

Kansai Branch:  4-4-18 Nishi Tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0047,Japan  <>   

                President                  Nobuhiko Sasaki
               (formerly Superintendent Supervisor-National Police Agency)

                Executive Vice President   Kazuhisa Takeshima
                Director                   Yoshio Abe

                Director                   Koji Takeda

                Corporate Auditor     Yoshizou Iwata

                Executive Officer      Masahiro Kuchiki

Executive Officer      Shingo Koshida

Executive Officer      Syunji Isaka

       Adviser           Hideo Yamada
                          (formerly Director-General, National Police Agency)

         Adviser           Yukihiko Inoue
                          (formerly Superintendent-General,
                                              Metropolitan Police Department)

@@@@Adviser           Setsuo Tanaka

                          (formerly Director-General, National Police Agency)

Adviser           Shigeaki Ishikawa

(formerly Superintendent-General, Metropolitan Police Department)
         Legal Adviser  Tatsuhiro Ishikawa
@@@@@@@@@@@(formerly Superintending Prosecutor of the Nagoya High Public
                                                                                                 Prosecutors Office)


Head Office   : 2-3-9 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo  102-0074, Japan
                    Tel. +81-3-6272-6622  Fax +81-3-6272-6623

Kansai Branch : 1-6-19 Imahashi, Cuoh-ku, Osaka 530-0047, Japan 
                     Tel. +81-6-6210-2878  Fax +81-6-6210-2879


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